Anchor Text Balance

Check Your Anchor Text Balance – Eh?

What is Anchor Text?

It is the clickable text in a hyperlink. Eh? Erm, it’s the words and phrases used by another website that links to yours. Got it?

Examples (not clickable!):

Blue Widgets
Best widgets
Widgets Inc
Widgets ‘r’ Us
click here for more details
you gotta see these widgets!

… you get the idea – you’ve seen these all over the web, right?

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SEO in Hampshire

How to rank your website in Google

Other search engines are available, though not really worth worrying about

Welcome! This is not a fancy website – I’m not a website designer! I’d rather spend time getting high Google rankings for my clients and increasing their (and my) income, than making everything look pretty. The information here is priceless if you’d like to do it all yourself. You’re here  because you are looking to get your website ranking higher in Google and obtain that illusive free (though it’s not free -but does generally have a greater ROI over Pay Per Click advertising) organic traffic.

My blog, over the coming months, will cover (though not necessarily in a very structured way, as this is more of a diary of my everyday work):

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seo tools used

The Process in a Nutshell and the Tools Used

I’ll be adding to this section on a regular basis, os you may find some areas where more detail is required.

All the following are used to different degrees in all my activities.

There are masses and masses of tools out there, all claiming to be the latest and greatest,  the how can you possibly live without option, at a never to be repeated price, blah, blah, blah. It’d be a full time job just looking at and testing them thoroughly. I’ve always taken the view that if I’m finding something time consuming or laborious, I will try and find a tool to make it less so.  Some of the tools below I’ve been using for a number of years as they have been updated to keep pace with a rapidly changing online world.

So, let’s get straight into the detail of what I use and will be referring to in many other posts you will read. Don’t worry if some of this seems very alien to you. I’ll be giving detailed examples around the site. Of course, if you get stuck and want my ideas or opinions, just drop me a message.

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social media management

Social Media Blah Blah Blah

Google in particular seems to think that unless something is popular amongst social media users then it’s of little relevance. I do realise that a lot of people use Facebook, Twitter and, to a lesser extent, the dreadful Google Plus. The number using these services (as well as networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc) will no doubt continue to grow as the generations born into The Internet age, and those in developing countries, just see it as part of their world. However, right now I cannot see why absolutely everything must have a presence on these platforms to be even noticed by Google. However don’t think it takes a huge amount of time and effort. I’ve still ranked businesses in competitive niches, while having a minimal social presence – I’m talking adding 1 item a week to each platform, just to keep Google happy.

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increased ranking guarantee

Do I provide any guarantees of increased rankings?

What you’re now asking yourself is, can this guy guarantee top rankings for my website and business? That’s all you’e interested in, quite rightly in my opinion. My answer depends on 2 things. How competitive your market is and how much are you prepared to invest. If you’re up against from well established brands with big budgets and you’re hoping to beat them spending £200 a month, then my answer would be no and I wouldn’t take you on as a client.